New FileNexus® V7 Web Client…Take The Tour!

web client stillThe FileNexus® Web Client allows users to quickly and easily locate, view, and manage records using a standard web browser.

How the FileNexus® V7 Web Client helps users:

FileNexus Fast FactsEnhanced Web Client Benefits:
  • Automatic Workflow – automate, manage and monitor any workflow for faster results with less staff time.
  • Customizableindividual users can easily set their own index, layout, and results preferences.
  • Compliant– Help ensure compliance with service level standards, audits, record retention, and regulatory standards.


Powerful Workflow Capabilities: Automatically route documents by email or FileNexus® tasks based on user, record type and status applications (i.e. approved, pending, hold, etc.), push/pull information to/from other software (no data entry required).

Full Reporting/Management of Workflow Status: Custom management dashboards can track the status of all workflows through a variety of options and notify managers when service level standards are at risk.

Customizable User Interface: Users can customize their own search screens by deciding which indexes are important, how they should be ordered, and how they would like the results structured.

Full Administration through the Web Client: Create users, modify workflow actions (such as report distribution, email alerts, approvals, status updates, e-signatures, host system updates, report generation, and more) directly through the Web Client interface.

Web Compatibility: Works with most standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) using HTML5 – no ActiveX or Java controls to install.

A Full Suite of Search Options: Search by Index, Pick-List, File Cabinet, Complex Boolean, Full Text, and Content Search.

Take the Web Client tour here! (5:53):

web client video pic copy

About FileNexus®

The FileNexus® Enterprise Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records such as maps, drawings, manuals, electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall—providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs. Simple to use and learn, FileNexus® is designed to take advantage of existing infrastructure, minimizing project costs and reducing both IT and user training requirements.

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