FileNexus® Cloud Services Q&A

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What is the FileNexus® Enterprise Document Management System (FileNexus®)?

FileNexus® is developed by Loris Technologies Inc. as a single, cohesive application to manage all organizational needs to securely capture and archive records, automate and track workflows, and manage any type of information from any source.

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What is FileNexus® Cloud Services (FCS)?

FCS is a cloud-based solution from Loris Services Inc., for organizations who would like to use FileNexus® as a service offering – without the upfront licensing and related hardware costs.


Is FileNexus® in widespread use?

FileNexus® is currently used for mission critical document management by representative organizations that employ millions of people worldwide.

What type of organizations use FileNexus®?

FileNexus® is employed by organizations in a wide variety of industry verticals including:

  • Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Securities, Private Equity etc.)
  • Utility (Gas, Electric, Water)
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Local Government etc.

Which areas of an organization can benefit from FileNexus®?

FileNexus® can be used for mission critical document management for virtually any purpose, in departments such as :

  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Credit Granting
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Records
  • Billing etc.

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What sets FileNexus® apart from its competitors?

FileNexus® incorporates all necessary components—capture, archival and workflow—for mission critical document management into a single, seamless software application.

Developed based on 30 years of real world client experience, each new version incorporates all the aforementioned aggregated knowledge. FileNexus® is infinitely scalable and extremely rapid to adapt and deploy in any environment. FileNexus® is cost-competitive, based on the proven and widely deployed Microsoft Windows and SQL applications.

Why would I choose FileNexus® Cloud Services instead of buying FileNexus® for my own environment?

FCS offers faster deployment times and lower related costs when compared to  in-house FileNexus® installation. Ongoing expenses after FCS deployment are tailored to immediately reduce your  operational costs. These expenses include all necessary functionality and infrastructure bundled in an all-inclusive cost structure — no surprises. You only pay for what you use — no long term commitment. What could be easier than that?

Where is FCS hosted?

FCS is hosted only in world-class, name brand data centres with documented reliability, security, back-up capability and infrastructure. We’ll specify where your FCS service will be hosted and you can verify these claims for yourself before you begin.

Is FCS as powerful as a full FileNexus® System installed on-site?

Yes, FCS has all the capabilities of a full FileNexus® Enterprise Document Management System installed on-site.To review the capabilities of  both FileNexus® and FileNexus® Cloud Services, click here.

Does FCS offer support?

Yes, FCS support for service fixes, updates and upgrades are included in the service fee. This is the same support available to FileNexus® end-user clients who elect to pay an annual support fee after on-premise FileNexus® installation.

Site specific custom programming, modifications and/or subsequent fixes to your FCS installation are available at an additional charge – as is the case for FileNexus® end-user clients. Our skilled technical staff will provide FCS support to your “in-house” FCS administration team – with support access privileges identical to those available to FileNexus® clients.

Administration changes (user set-up etc.) will be conducted by FCS staff on your behalf for a fee. This is because the service is hosted by us, whereas FileNexus® end user clients typically do these changes themselves, as their instance of FileNexus® sits in their environment.

Is there a long commitment period?

No, FCS is contracted in 30 day periods – with no long-term commitment or penalty for stopping. What’s more, you only pay for what you use.

How long will you store records?

As long as you like, for a nominal fee.

Can I get my records back?

Absolutely, all records stored in FCS are fully exportable, whenever you want.

Can FCS help with my corporate retention strategy?

Absolutely. FCS can import your current corporate retention strategy.

Could I acquire my own FileNexus® System later?

Certainly. FileNexus® technology can be acquired from Loris Technologies Inc. or your local FileNexus® integrator.  We will work with them to ensure the process is seamless for you.

Note: Previously paid FCS fees cannot be credited toward the purchase of a FileNexus® System, as you will have only been paying for Service privileges up to the time of transfer.

How much could I save using FCS?

FileNexus® users generally experience savings in the following areas:

  1. A dramatic reduction in the costs to produce, store and manage traditional media in a safe, secure and redundant environment that complies with your corporate retention strategy.
  2. A dramatic reduction in third party service fees for such things as e-distribution, web hosting, audit, compliance, third party storage and shredding fees etc.
  3. A dramatic reduction in time necessary to execute business workflows —in one reported case, by 80 per cent.
  4. A significant reduction in the staff time required to execute these faster business processes.

To download a work sheet to calculate some of the current costs that FCS might impact at your site, click here.

How is FCS priced?

There are two cost components involved in FCS pricing:

  1. The cost of the initial deployment to meet your specific needs, and;
  2. The cost to use the FCS service thereafter.

Generally speaking, FCS deployment costs will be very reasonable from a time and cost perspective – with the service costs after deployment resulting in immediate operational savings to you.In short, the deployment costs are intended to be nominal and the ongoing costs to reduce your current operational costs immediately. Low cost of entry, huge functionality improvements and immediate operational cost reductions – what could be better than that?

Can I get help determining where to start and what the cost would be?

Yes, an FCS Business Solutions Architect will discuss your needs and determine the best, most cost-effective approach for the initial roll out. This service is free, with no obligations.

Can I pilot before I buy?

Yes. If you would like to conduct a production pilot for a predetermined length of time (typically 30 days), we will only charge you the deployment cost for the quoted FCS Service at your site. You won’t pay service fees for the duration of the pilot and have no further obligation to us,outside of the initial deployment charge, if you are not completely satisfied.  If you choose to proceed, your deployment costs will be prepaid. Quite simply, we want to make you happy or no deal.

I’d like to discuss my own business needs with someone, what do I do now?

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