Peterborough Utilities Group Reaping the Benefits of the FileNexus™ Document Management System integrated into their Cayenta® CIS Application

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Peterborough Utilities GroupFor almost 90 years, the residents of the city of Peterborough, Ontario, have been relying on the Peterborough Utilities Group (“PUG”) for their water and electricity needs. PUG serves 35,000 electricity customers, 28,000 water customers, and employs approximately 150 professional staff and skilled tradespeople.

Increasing workloads, growing regulatory requirements, and a tight budgeting environment were forcing the Customer Service Department at PUG to become a more lean and efficient operation. The Finance Department at PUG had already integrated the FileNexus™ Document Management System into their existing Cayenta® CIS Application with great success, so the Customer Service Department looked to FileNexus™ to do the same.

The FileNexus™ Document Management Solution allows organizations the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (paper records, electronic files such as host generated reports, emails, and more), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall – providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow and retention needs.

The PUG Customer Service Department moved quickly to adopt the FileNexus™ solution to capture and store client records such as customer accounts, service forms, field documents, payment processing etc. Since then, the department has seen huge savings in time and resources previously spent on the filing, retrieving and management of customer records.

“When it comes to FileNexus™, our Customer Service people use it every second. All the information we ever need for a customer is now instantly available to all of our CSRs. We had two full-time employees dedicated solely to the processing and filing of customer related paperwork. Now they have been freed up to directly serve our customers. It’s a powerful tool.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

HR is the latest department within PUG to deploy FileNexus™. With the creation and implementation of a secure payroll web portal, PUG has eliminated the need to print, stuff and distribute employee pay stubs by having FileNexus™ automatically capture and distribute payroll data. Employees simply log in with a unique ID to access, view and download their pay slip. Moving forward, plans are afoot to deploy FileNexus™ across the entire HR department.

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What Can FileNexus™ Do For You? FileNexus is easy to pilot, quick to deploy, and is affordable – either by purchase or subscription. Contact Kathryn Peet, Director of Communications by phone at 416-252-4701 x 242 or email for more information on what FileNexus™ can do for your organization.

About Peterborough Utilities Group
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Peterborough Utilities Group – FileNexus™ Projects Completed To Date

Service Orders
FileNexus™ is used to capture and archive all service orders – for instant recall by CSRs to their desktop. Filing cabinets have been eliminated, no records have been lost, and there is no more confusion regarding what has been written on the service forms by technicians.

“We had absolutely enormous success on the scanning of service orders. Our CSR’s really embraced FileNexus™ right away and started wondering what else we could do with it.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

Online Customer Bills
FileNexus™ is set to automatically capture and store client statement streams, which are then linked to the PUG web portal. Clients who have signed up for e-billing are automatically notified when a new bill is available. All clients can review new and previous bills online – meaning fewer calls for CSR’s.

“The customer can see the exact bill that would come to their home. As well as reducing the number of calls, it is a really efficient way of doing things.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

Integration with CIS Host System
FileNexus™ is integrated with the host CIS system at PUG, allowing CSRs instant access to client files by way of their host screen interface.

A/R Payment Processing
FileNexus™ takes a scanned image of a cheque and reads the MICR code on the associated remittance stub. The host CIS system is automatically updated that the bill has been paid – no data entry required.

Instant Access To All Customer Files
FileNexus™ has delivered great savings in paper, filing and storage space, with the electronic capture of such files as customer accounts, payment information, statements, service forms, corporate documents, field documents etc. Beyond these savings however, the convenience factor of having instant access to client data has greatly improved the level of customer service offered by PUG.

“Now employees don’t have to spend extended time periods looking for files. A call that used to take much longer can now be resolved in two minutes, because all the information associated with a particular customer is right in front of them.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

PUG currently use FileNexus™ to electronically capture the entire A/P voucher packet, (i.e. purchase orders, receiving documents, invoices and payment processing). Through integration with PUG’s Cayenta® Financial Application, FileNexus™ automatically links the archived documents, making the entire package available for approval.

Human Resources – Payroll
Using FileNexus™, the HR department has eliminated the need to print, stuff and distribute paper pay stubs. FileNexus™ automatically captures and distributes payroll data information, meaning employees simply log on to a secure web portal to view or download their pay slip.

With the handling of sensitive customer information and payroll data, security is of prime importance to PUG. By utilizing the appropriate security privileges and access controls available with FileNexus™, they are able to ensure that staff view only the information they are entitled to see, with the entire history of the record being tracked by way of the FileNexus™ audit log.

About FileNexus™

“The thing about FileNexus™ is that there are really no limitations, it can do so much. It has been very effective at saving us time, money and resources.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

About Loris Technologies Inc.

“When you are dealing with financial information, you need to trust who manages that data. Loris serves a prestigious client list, and our trust levels are very high as it is a proven technology.”
David Whitehouse, Director of Customer & Corporate Services

Published October 3, 2012