NorthStar Sample Project – Host Reports

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1. Current Situation…Host Report Archival, Recall and Search

An organization has one or more host systems (for example, finance, customer service, ERP, etc.) which generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis that must be securely stored for compliance purposes. There are 50 reports that are generated – that together, result in the creation of 10,000 new pages of information a month and are often printed, manually filed and distributed to relevant personnel.

For long term archival and disaster recovery purposes, the organization also has to store all of the reports at an outside facility (ideally two). Storing and recall of records from the outside facility is time consuming and expensive.

The FileNexus® Cloud Services Solution…

“FileNexus® virtually eliminated our need to print and store paper files, reduced our costs and made us more efficient. As our solution provider, Loris understood our needs and worked with us to quickly streamline our operations.” – Annette Kinney, Chief Financial Manager / Assistant Director, Hillsdale BPU – NorthStar User

Every time a host system produces a report, the electronic data stream can be seamlessly “printed” to FileNexus® – where it will be automatically indexed, secured and redundantly archived in the identical format it was printed. No printing for distribution or archival required.

When a staff member or auditor etc. requires a report, a few key strokes are all that are needed to recall one or more reports virtually instantly. What’s more, FileNexus® can search for information in the record(s) if required, taking the user directly to the location desired. Here’s how it would look to the user:

How Much Would That Cost…?

Based on the 10,000 pages of new information generated per month in 50 reports and assuming five new internal users need to be added to access the files, the initial set-up fee for the project would be about $6,900.00 (including the set-up of 50 reports) and the cost per month thereafter would be about $650.00 – on a month by month basis. Taxes extra.

2. The Organization Would Like to Automatically Distribute New Reports to Certain Staff as They Become Available

Rather than printing and distributing reports to certain staff, the organization would like to have FileNexus® automatically distribute electronic copies as they become available.

The FileNexus® Cloud Services Solution…

FileNexus® can be set to automatically distribute (by email or through the FileNexus® task bar) electronic versions of the reports as they are archived. The reports can be searched for content and all user actions automatically logged. No printing required… Here’s what it could look like:

How Much Extra Would That Cost…?

The cost to have FileNexus® automatically distribute and track user activity would be $.06 (6 cents) per report per recipient per time sent (much lower than printing and distributing manually). One time project roll out cost would depend on the number of reports and the level of automation required. Taxes extra.

*All project costs quoted above are estimates only. They do not include a one-time set up fee of $5,000.00 for the organization to be set up on the FCS platform or the base site fee of $100 to $200 per month for the organization to maintain its location on the FCS – regardless of the number of projects deployed.  Prices do not include applicable taxes. Please contact us to discuss your individual business needs and obtain an appropriate quote.

How Much Extra Would I Save…?

To download a work sheet to calculate some of the current costs that FCS might impact at your site, click here.

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