NorthStar Sample Project – Customer Service

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Current Situation…

An organization has a Customer Service Department that has to recall and manage a variety of client records from various sources – from emails, to PC Files, signed contracts, statements, and so on. In the interest of having only one place to look for everything, they print all the records and store them in paper format in ever expanding client files. Individual records are hard to locate because the client file must be located, searched through for the specific record, and then photocopied so the original record remains in place – a time consuming process resulting in poor client response times.

Not only do the client files take up a lot of space inside the office for recall, they must also be replicated, stored and updated on an ongoing basis at an offsite facility (ideally two sites) for long term archival and disaster recovery purposes.

The FileNexus® Cloud Services Solution…

“We’ve probably saved two weeks per customer request because FileNexus® puts the information in our hands that much sooner.”– Jennifer Robert, Supervisor of the Billing Department, PUC Services Inc. – NorthStar User

Every time a new electronic client record is created (i.e. such as email, PC files, phone system sound files, statements etc.), they can be stored directly from the desk top to FileNexus® – no printing required. Electronic data streams (such as data streams of statements, payments, smart form data, email journal streams, etc.) will be captured and indexed automatically by FileNexus® – no staff input required.

Other individual files, such as signed legal records (which can be captured using a scanner or multifunction device), individual emails, word files, and spreadsheets will require one or two key indexes to be entered manually or by bar code, if applicable. Once one or two key indexes are associated with the file, FileNexus® can automatically add more index values if it has access to a relevant database. Old client records can be scanned and collected in the same manner. FileNexus® will then automatically organize all of the information into one single, cohesive client file – based on the organizations individual needs. No more paper printing or long-term storage.

Customer Service Staff now have instant access to all client files right at the desk top. Files can be searched, viewed, have notes added, emailed, tracked, and sent into workflows (approve, decline etc.) immediately – with far less staff effort and much faster client resolutions. What’s more, every record recall and movement is automatically tracked by FileNexus® – for compliance, audit and performance requirements. Here’s how it would look to the CSR:

“I’m just really pleased with Loris Technologies. The customer service deployment was just great and that’s a big selling point for me.” – Elena Ramirez, Public Records Officer, Franklin PUD – NorthStar User

How Much Would That Cost…?

The cost to an organization with five CSR’s, which generates 5,000 pages of new client data per month and that wishes to use their multifunction devices to scan any new paper records, would be about $695.00 per month – on a month-by-month basis. Initial set up fee for the project would be approximately $6,900.00. Taxes extra.

*All project costs quoted above are estimates only. They do not include a one-time set up fee of $5,000.00 for the organization to be set up on the FCS platform or the base site fee of $100 to $200 per month for the organization to maintain its location on the FCS – regardless of the number of projects deployed.  Prices do not include applicable taxes. Please contact us to discuss your individual business needs and obtain an appropriate quote..

How Much Extra Would I Save…?

To download a work sheet to calculate some of the current costs that FCS might impact at your site, click here.

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