FileNexus® Document Management Now Available in the Cloud for your Harris ERP System

FCS for Harris ERP copy

Imagine being able to capture, archive, and manage all of your records in a single repository for archival, workflow, and corporate retention – with no big upfront costs or commitment term. Now imagine doing business faster and saving money – right now…

The FileNexus® Enterprise Document Management System is now available as FileNexus® Cloud Services (FCS). FCS has all of the same capabilities of a full FileNexus® Document Management System installed on-site, with none of the big upfront costs for licenses and related hardware. What’s more, FCS can seamlessly link to your Harris ERP Application Screen – allowing the instant recall of important records at the push of a button..

FCS is quick to deploy, can dramatically improve your business processes, and save you significant operational costs. All FCS projects have been proven in use at other Harris ERP sites. Over the next short while, you’ll be receiving real-life examples of these. Stay tuned…

To learn more about FileNexus® and to see how it works with your Harris ERP Application, click here.

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About FileNexus®

The FileNexus® Enterprise Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records such as maps, drawings, manuals, electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall—providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs. Simple to use and learn, FileNexus® is designed to take advantage of existing infrastructure, minimizing project costs and reducing both IT and user training requirements.