Entegrus Inc. embraces FileNexus™ as an innovation in Customer Service

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Entegrus Inc. (“Entegrus”) and its subsidiaries directly operate and maintain electricity distribution systems for more than 40,000 customers in Southwestern Ontario. It is one of the top 10 most efficient utilities in the province, as ranked by the Ontario Energy Board.

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FileNexus provides an easy to access repository of information. With FileNexus you can:
  • Instantly recall and manage virtually any record
  • Serve content to your client-facing and internal web portals (statements, payroll, account info, and more)
  • Store and access multiple documents electronically – eliminate filing cabinets, microfilm, storage facilities, etc.
  • Integrate with various software applications
  • Present eBills in the same format to customers and customer service reps
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Committed to providing high levels of service to its customers, partners and the communities it serves, Entegrus has been a loyal user of the FileNexus Document Management System since 2001. With their recent FileNexus upgrade, they wanted to take full advantage of its new and existing functionality to improve efficiency in the customer service experience and other areas within the organization.
With the release of the Entegrus eBill Web Portal customers can now access a copy of everything online that is mailed to them or e-presented. FileNexus gives customer service reps access to an exact duplicate of the information that the customer would have received in the mail. Now both the reps and customers are looking at the same things—bills, notices, offers, etc.—which makes for clearer conversations and faster call resolutions, a win/win for both sides.
“FileNexus is a real time, one call resolution solution for our customer service reps. At Entegrus, we want to provide our customers with the best customer service we can. If we have to call them back, that isn’t the service we want to provide. We want to take care of our customers when they call in, at the time they call in. FileNexus provides us with that opportunity.”
Garry Symons, Director of Corporate Services, Entegrus
Accessible, convenient and timely
Documents are automatically indexed, archived and logically organized directly into the FileNexus system. FileNexus has also been seamlessly integrated into Entegrus’ existing software solutions, for example North|Star and Cayenta®. Customer service representatives can now easily retrieve the data they need when they need it, without ever leaving their desk. FileNexus has provided a flexible document management solution customized to work the way they do.
Loris Technologies Inc. continues to work closely with Entegrus to support their current processes and develop solutions that meet their ongoing business needs.
“From this organization’s experience, the support at Loris is exceptional. The service, the professionalism are all top notch. My experience with our last three projects has exceeded our expectations. Loris has worked with, and taken the lead in regards to integration with our CIS vendor, resulting in the delivery of the exact copy of our customer bill. Both our customer service representatives and customers now access the same bill. Loris has provided the seamless integration that we needed.”
Garry Symons, Director of Corporate Services, Entegrus

FileNexus and the “green” advantage

green leafWhile Entegrus has reduced printing costs and overhead, customers can gain access to any bill, notice or offer at any time through their customer web portal. By reducing the amount of paper they produce, Entegrus has further reduced their carbon footprint, affecting not only their client base, but embracing green thinking into corporate responsibility.
Entegrus is expanding out the FileNexus solution to the rest of its organization, with plans to implement FileNexus in HR, Health and Safety and the Accounting department.
Several other departments at Entegrus have already benefited from the FileNexus expansion.
  • The Operations Department used to track all their fleet related documents in binders—invoices, driving certification, vehicle certifications, etc. Now all documents are scanned, indexed and archived to FileNexus. Documents are searched and found faster. Nothing needs to be re-filed and access is universal to anyone with appropriate security access to the FileNexus Document Management System.
  • The Finance Department has been setup to automatically identify, index and archive index and archive Cayenta® financial reports. Large reports which were previously printed to paper are now printed directly to a virtual printer, and automatically indexed and stored to FileNexus. Printing and storage costs are reduced, filing time eliminated and ease of access to the information is greatly improved.

About Entegrus Inc.

To learn more about Entegrus Inc., please visit www.entegrus.com or watch this video.

About FileNexus

The FileNexus Document Management System gives utilities, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records such as maps, drawings, manuals, electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall—providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs.

For more information on how FileNexus can improve your business efficiency, please contact Adrienne Middlebrook, Communications Coordinator, at amiddlebrook@loristech.com or call 416-252-4701 x242.

To learn more about FileNexus and Loris Technologies Inc., please visit www.filenexus.com and request a FileNexus demo.

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Published November 13, 2012