Cayenta Sample Project – Payroll Stubs

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Current Situation…Payroll Stub Archival and Distribution

An organization has 500 staff who are paid monthly by an outside payroll service. Disks are returned to the organization monthly that contain the payroll files for each employee. The organization then prints and distributes the pay stub for each employee internally at a cost of about $1.00 a pay stub. The disks are stored by the organization for archival purposes.

When HR or Finance need to view a pay stub, they have to locate the disk it is on, load it onto a PC and then search for the appropriate file. They will often also print a copy once the file is retrieved.

For long term archival and disaster recovery purposes, the organization has to store all the pay stubs at an outside facility (ideally two). Storing and recall of records from the outside facility is time consuming and expensive.

The FileNexus® Cloud Services Solution…

“We feel really good about using FileNexus and we’re very happy to expand it into a corporate wide system.”– Richard Freymond, Manager of Financial Services, City of Peterborough

Every time the payroll company executes a payroll cycle, have them electronically transfer the print data stream directly to FileNexus® – where it will be automatically indexed, secured and redundantly archived in the identical format it was printed.

When a pay stub is required, a few key strokes are all that are required to recall it virtually instantly. FileNexus® can also provide an “out of the box” private label Portal that will allow staff to self-register for the Portal and recall their pay stubs. A computer kiosk for staff who do not have computers could be set up in HR, for example. Here’s how the staff portal would work:

How Much Would That Cost…?

Based on the 500 staff above, getting paid monthly – the entire solution, including secure archival and unlimited recall through the FileNexus® staff portal would cost the organization about $56.00 per month – on a month by month basis. The one-time set up cost would be about $6,900.00. Taxes extra.

*All project costs quoted above are estimates only. They do not include a one-time set up fee of $5,000.00 for the organization to be set up on the FCS platform or the base site fee of $100 to $200 per month for the organization to maintain its location on the FCS – regardless of the number of projects deployed.  Prices do not include applicable taxes. Please contact us to discuss your individual business needs and obtain an appropriate quote..

How Much Extra Would I Save…?

To download a work sheet to calculate some of the current costs that FCS might impact at your site, click here.

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