The City of Clearwater deploys FileNexus® to Improve Customer Service with their Harris CIS

Another FileNexus for Harris Success Story

City Of Clearwater FloridaThe City of Clearwater, Florida faced a serious problem: their centralized customer contact and billing center was located remotely in each of the City’s gas, water/wastewater and solid waste utility departments. Customer Service Representatives needed constant access to records and information stored at these sites, requiring personnel to take time to search for, fax and re-file the information on a daily basis. Staff and customers alike were inconvenienced and frustrated. The City’s solution: implement the FileNexus® Document Management System as an integration with their Harris CIS.
“The integration of FileNexus® itself is seamless and the implementation was the easiest system upgrade that we have accomplished.” – Jim Geary, Director of Customer Service, The City of Clearwater, Florida
FileNexus Fast FactsIncreased efficiency
  • Instant recall and handling of records
  • Automated workflows
  • Integration into host systems
Improved security
  • Capture and centralization of all records
  • Additional business continuity
  • Secure access
Serving a population of more than 110,000, the City of Clearwater, is responsible for the City’s gas, water/wastewater and solid waste utility departments. Each month the Clearwater Customer Service Department:
  • Reads almost 57,000 metres,
  • Bills more than 46,000 accounts,
  • Responds to more than 7,700 customer telephone calls, and
  • Processes almost 10,000 payments from customers.
“Our experience with FileNexus® is already paying dividends… we are just beginning to take advantage of the robust abilities of FileNexus as a complete document management solution.” – Jim Geary, Director of Customer Service, The City of Clearwater, Florida
The FileNexus® implementation took only a week and users adopted the solution very quickly. In fact, they were so excited about the functionality they applied the FileNexus® solution to additional functional areas within the city. After scanning service orders and field paperwork to FileNexus®, staff applied it to manage customer contracts for gas and solid waste services, retention of tax exempt certificates and documentation, meter and backflow test records and drop-test information for new gas meter connect orders. FileNexus® is a robust and flexible document management solution that will adapt to an organization’s changing needs.
“Our customer service representatives now have a more complete picture of what was done in the field and can provide that information in a timely manner to our customers.” – Jim Geary, Director of Customer Service, The City of Clearwater, Florida
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About FileNexus®

The FileNexus® Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records such as maps, drawings, manuals, electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall—providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs.

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