Oakville Hydro Improves Efficiency & Customer Service with FileNexus®

Oakville HydroA rapid implementation of document management software FileNexus® allowed Oakville Hydro realize quick savings and improvements to customer service.

Oakville Hydro Corporation serves over 171,000 people in one of the fastest growing and most prosperous, de-regulated regions of Ontario, Canada. Oakville considers customer service paramount and strives to provide the best service possible. They serve the electrical energy, data communications and specialized construction needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers through their four well integrated and complementary divisions: Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.; Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc.; Blink Communications Inc.; and El-Con Construction Inc.

FileNexus® Document Management Solution from Loris Technologies Inc. has proved to be the solution Oakville Hydro needed to achieve their customer service goals. FileNexus® is a software solution that allows you to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records, electronic files such as host generated reports, emails and so on), index and compress it for secure archival and future recall – providing a single cohesive repository for all document management and retention needs. FileNexus® is deployed by utility sites across North America.

“Loris Technologies’ responsiveness, competency, professionalism and communication is inspiring and truly commendable. The software implementation was painless and took only a week. We have been providing better customer service and saving money ever since.”
Everett Chubbs, Director of IT Services
Oakville Hydro Corporation

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For more information on how FileNexus® can improve your business efficiency, please visit www.filenexus.com, or write to sales@loristech.com.

About Oakville Hydro
To learn more about Oakville Hydro Corporation, please visit their website www.oakvillehydro.com.

Published in April 2011.