KW Hydro to Use FileNexus® to Comply with ON1Call ‘360’ Feedback Legislation

KWHydroKitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. is responsible for distributing electricity to more than 88,000 homes and businesses within the City of Kitchener and the Township of Wilmot. KW Hydro has been a FileNexus® user since 2005.

New legislation was passed in June 2012 that requires all owners of buried infrastructure – including Ontario utilities such as hydro, natural gas, telephone, cable, and fibre optics – register with the Ontario One Call (ON1Call) System. As is the case with similar systems throughout North America, ON1Call ensures that whenever a customer is planning to dig on their property, they simply call one number for underground utility markers. KW Hydro successfully implemented a solution using FileNexus® to comply with this legislation in May 2013.

FileNexus Fast Facts

Original Locates Project:

  • Instant Results – Automatically converts One Call data into a PDF locate form for processing
  • ConvenienceA single solution is all it takes to capture, index, archive and manage locates
  • Easy tracking Utilities can easily track and report on the entire process

New 360 Feedback Project:

  • Compliance – System helps utilities comply with new legislation
  •  Automatic Updates – System automatically reports data back to ON1Call system, no staff intervention required


FileNexus® automatically captures, indexes and archives locate work orders for KW Hydro generated by the ON1Call System. During the capture process, FileNexus® automatically converts the ON1Call data file into a completed PDF form for locators to process. Using FileNexus® workflow and reporting functions, utilities can easily manage, track and report on the entire life cycle of locates – from original receipt through to completion. Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. is also set to go live with the FileNexus® locates solution.

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As a result of new “360 Feedback” legislation that comes into effect June 19, 2014, utilities will now also be required to update the ON1Call System to ensure locate work orders are completed within five business days of the original request. KW Hydro will use FileNexus® to fully automate the process to comply with the new legislation by having it update relevant data directly to the ON1Call System.

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For more information on the Ontario ON1CallSystem visit: Ontario One Call

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