FileNexus® Features: Web DirectLink & Single Sign-on

FileNexus Web DirectLInkWe are pleased to introduce two new FileNexus® features that will help make you more efficient and simplify your business processes: Web DirectLink and Single Sign-on.

Web DirectLink
Do you want to have co-workers or managers review a document that’s been archived to FileNexus®? Now, with the click of a mouse, you can email them a FileNexus® Web DirectLink. Using Web DirectLinks, you can:

  • Point to one or more documents at a time
  • Prevent the creation of multiple versions of documents
  • Ensure working documents and comments are stored in FileNexus®
  • Save email bandwidth by not sending large or multiple attachments
  • Maintain audited secure access – Web DirectLinks use FileNexus®’s built in security ensuring that only authorized users see the documents

Web DirectLink requires FileNexus® version 6.53 or higher. For more information on using Web DirectLink to improve information sharing at your site, please email Loris Technical Support or call (416) 252-4701 and press “3″.

FileNexus Single Sign-onSingle Sign-on
Do you have multiple logins to juggle? We’re happy to make life a little simpler by supporting Single Sign-on in the FileNexus® web client. Now you can:

  • Combine your Windows login with your FileNexus® login – reducing the need to remember different username and password combinations
  • Reduce the time spent re-entering passwords
  • Reduce IT costs by lowering IT help desk calls about passwords
  • Maintain security on all levels of entry/exit/access to systems
  • Provide centralized reporting for compliance purposes

Single Sign-on requires FileNexus® version 6.53 or higher. For questions specific to your network, please email Loris Technical Support or call (416) 252-4701 and press “3″.

For more information on how FileNexus® can improve your business efficiency, please visit, or write to

Published November 30, 2011.