FileNexus® Advanced Workflow

FileNexus Advanced Workflow TriggersIntroducing New FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers
Designed to automate your existing business processes, FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers allow you to automatically distribute information anywhere it is needed across your organization.

Quick to deploy, and without changing the way employees currently work, FileNexus® Advanced Workflow can execute your pre-determined business rules (e.g. notify users or update databases), when a user changes an index value or moves a document to a new folder.

For example, an invoice that moves from department to department for approval can be distributed, tracked and authorized automatically through FileNexus® Advanced Workflow, eliminating the manual, paper based business processes that stifle productivity and efficiency.

Highlights of the FileNexus® Advanced Workflow include:

Automatic Notifications
Rapidly optimize your procedures with custom notifications that trigger email alerts, real time monitoring, escalation, delegation, approvals etc. Set FileNexus® automatically notify users when a document requires his or her attention.

Automate Database / Host System Updates
Tightly integrate FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers with your existing application environment. As the status of a document changes, business rules can be set to automatically update external databases, reporting tools, internal CIS and financial systems etc., with the latest information.

Use Existing FileNexus® Infrastructure
Set-up for the new FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers is quick and easy. Event scripts can be written in Visual Basic, using the same structure as the FileNexus® archival and pre-processor scripts already in place. These can quickly be converted to event scripts, saving time and money – while enhancing functionality.

Easily Update FileNexus® Dashboards
With FileNexus® Event Triggers, dashboards can be automatically updated as the status of documents and workflow processes is changed. Use the new FileNexus® Advanced Workflow and Dashboard tools to automatically monitor vital workflow progress and stay on top of trends that have the greatest impact on your organization. Click here for more information on FileNexus® Dashboards.

FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers can dramatically improve the efficiency of your current administrative functions; reduce the errors associated in handling paper documents, monitor activities in real time, and measure performance of workflow events.

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