Integrate FileNexus® Document Management Directly Into Your Mission Critical Business Systems

FileNexus IntegrationsWhile many companies log directly into FileNexus® to archive and retrieve their documents, the system can also integrate seamlessly into any mission critical business software, collaboration tool or other interface. Whether your main tool is a CIS, an ERP system, SharePoint, a web portal, a proprietary product or legacy software, FileNexus® can work in the background, embedding robust document management functionality into your key business applications.

At its most basic, a FileNexus® integration can allow your users to click a link in your host screen to retrieve the right document instantly. In more complex scenarios, FileNexus® can conduct database lookups, update your host system with new information, and even automatically initiate business workflows—all from within the host application. The depth of the integration is based on your specific business needs. Continue reading

Eliminate Data Entry with 2D Barcoding & FileNexus® Document Management Software

Customized 2D Barcoding To Streamline Business ProcessesOrganizations continue to have many key processes that are paper dependent. For example, documents such as new account applications, credit arrangements, checks, etc. will often be copied or scanned, distributed, organized in business workflows, and ultimately filed. These highly manual workflows cost significant time and money. Continue reading

FileNexus® Advanced Workflow

FileNexus Advanced Workflow TriggersIntroducing New FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers
Designed to automate your existing business processes, FileNexus® Advanced Workflow Triggers allow you to automatically distribute information anywhere it is needed across your organization.

Quick to deploy, and without changing the way employees currently work, FileNexus® Advanced Workflow can execute your pre-determined business rules (e.g. notify users or update databases), when a user changes an index value or moves a document to a new folder. Continue reading