Business Intelligence on Display with FileNexus® Dashboard

FileNexus DashboardToday, dashboards are becoming the “must have” business intelligence tool for busy managers who need complete and timely information at their fingertips.

The FileNexus® Dashboard allows you to display complex enterprise data in a simple and user friendly way; providing a broad-reaching, yet summarized view of the state of the business.

Highlights of the FileNexus® Dashboard include:

Monitor vital performance metrics in real-time
Based on custom scripts to create aggregated data, FileNexus® Dashboard can offer a dynamic, accurate reflection of real time information. Monitor vital performance metrics, e.g. status or performance of approval cycles, workflow progress etc., and instantly identify those trends – both positive and negative – that have the greatest impact on your organization.

Fully customizable and secure
FileNexus® Dashboard can be designed in a way that allows custom focus for the individual user. An executive user might see a high level graph of department productivity, while the department manager could see the specifics by employee, and the department employee would see their specific details for the day. The possibilities are endless. Appropriate security privileges and access controls can be configured to ensure managers and staff view only the information they are entitled to.

Many different ways to view information
Column and Line Hybrid Charts, Moving Average Calculations, Custom Chart Color Palettes and Legends, Pie and Doughnut Charts, Scatter and Bubble Charts, Table Inline Charts, and more.

Define alerts tied to a key performance indicator
Alerting mechanisms provide a powerful way for executives and managers to be notified when an event occurs that requires their immediate attention.

FileNexus® Dashboard provides alignment, visibility and collaboration across the organization by allowing users to define, monitor and analyze business performance via key performance indicators (KPIs). Reviewing details and viewing the status of operations provides a significant opportunity to make your business more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities.

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Published July 20, 2011.